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Platens Are Our Business - The Venango Platen Difference

Platens Are Our Business - The Venango Platen Difference

If Platens are what you are looking for then the Venango Machine Company is the supplier for you. Venango Machine Company is the world's largest and oldest exclusive platen manufacturer. Since 1954, we've developed leading-edge platen technology that has set the stage for critical advancements in the rubber, laminating, plywood and particleboard industries.

Venango Machine Company is your one-stop-shop for platens and platen related products. If you are looking for:

  • Steam, Oil & Water platens - platens specifically designed for the rubber, plastic, laminating and board industries.
  • Electric platens - whether cartridge or strip, single or MultiZone, Venango Machine Company's electric platens offer the compression molder an alternative heating method - allowing faster heat up and recovery times.
  • MultiZone platens - when temperature uniformity is critical, the MultiZone platen with control systems is your ultimate solution.
  • Heat Tube platens - at Venango Machine Company, our heat tube platen technology distributes cartridge heat energy with an amazing uniformity.
  • Laminating & Board platens - Venango Machine Company produces platens that are specifically designed for the laminating and board industries.
  • Composite Industry platens - Venango machine produces three general categories of platens that have direct application to the composite industry
  • Replacement parts for platens - Venango Machine Company offers more than just exceptional platen products. We also specialize in providing high-quality, dependable replacement parts and service.
  • Refurbishment services for platens - Venango Machine has on-site capabilities to refurbish or replace platens for nearly every make of hydraulic press ever made.
  • Control panels for platens - everything you need to control your electric platens
  • Stock platens - meet fast track project or repair deadlines with inventoried platens from Venango Machine.
  • Platen selector - need help in finding the right platen for your needs? The Platen selector will help you identify the platen that meets your technical requirements.

When it comes to platens, Venango Machine Company is the clear choice for you. We have the manufacturing and engineering experience to produce all of your platens - regardless of design - regardless of type. Feel free to contact us to resolve all your platen and platen related needs today.

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