Deep Hole Drilling & Gundrilling for the Molding Industry

wecreate / January 14, 2022

Due to its affordability and efficiency, deep hole drilling has become an industry standard when it comes to producing accurate holes. Venango Machine Company uses special deep hole drilling and gun drilling equipment to create long holes that are not only precise but feature a smooth finish. Venango’s deep hole drilling capabilities are as follows:

  • Depth limit of 20′
  • Diameters of .25″ to 2.36″
  • Capable of drilling mild steel and most alloys

Our mold shop customers rely on our deep hole drilling and gundrilling capabilities for all of their precision drilling needs. Contact Venango today to learn more about how our deep hole drilling services can benefit your molding operations.

Deep Hole Drilling vs. Gundrilling

Deep hole drilling refers to the production of holes with a relatively large depth to diameter ratio. Normal drilling methods should only be used to create holes where the depth is less than five times the diameter. Comparatively, deep hole drilling is used in operations where a hole needs to be anywhere from 10 to 150 times deeper than its diameter.

There are numerous types of deep hole drilling that can utilize rotating workpieces, tools, or both in the same process. Gundrilling is one such type of deep hole drilling. In single flute gundrilling, coolant is fed through a hole in the tool before exiting the flute as the hole is drilled. This coolant also provides lubrication to the drill periphery. Venango has the capabilities to perform this kind of gundrilling when it is appropriate for the project at hand.

Benefits of Gundrilling for Molding

Gun drilling is often used in the production of injection molds, most commonly for drilling cooling lines or heater holes. Gun drilling is also used in the die-making process. While the process has become synonymous with drilling where greater depth is required, it also finds use in shallower applications, since a gun-drilled hole requires less finishing than other drilling methods.

Gun drills are typically used to produce holes between .25”and 2.36”; the major benefit of gundrilling is that it is capable of achieving these depths without losing accuracy in diameter or straightness. Gun drilling also naturally allows for high feed rates, which can reduce costs and lead times. For these reasons, gundrilling provides major benefits to those working within the molding industry.

Deep Hold Drilling & Gundrilling Services Near Erie, Pa.

Venango Machine Company is a Pennsylvania-based leader in deep hole drilling and gun drilling with over 50 years of experience under our belt. We encourage customers to take advantage of our 87” by 79” CNC 6-axis drilling and machining center, which can reach a drilling depth of 78.74” with a maximum diameter of 2.36”. In addition to these capabilities, Venango offers our customers tight hole diameter tolerance, high-quality surface finish (depending on the material), and the ability to cut lengths of drilled stock into individual segments. The deep hole drilling and gundrilling services we offer arrive with Venango’s quality guarantee and promise of a quick turnaround.

To learn more about Venago’s advanced deep hole drilling and gundrilling services, contact us today.

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