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The Best Platens for Temperature Control & Uniformity

Looking for a platen that solves your temperature uniformity needs??? 

When temperature uniformity is critical, the MultiZone platen with control system is your ultimate solution. This Venango Machine Company-exclusive technology delivers the precision control necessary to ensure good product and faster recoveries. Saving you both valuable time and money. In fact, you'll find our custom-designed MultiZone platens are developed with your most intricate requirements—and your complete satisfaction—in mind. 

multizone platenMaintaining good temperature uniformity over the surface of a platen is extremely difficult. At Venango Machine Company, our EXCLUSIVE MultiZone platen technology makes platen heat control much easier, and much more precise.This enables you to control the platen temperature and ultimately the quality of your product. If temperature control is your problem, the MultiZone platen is the answer. 

Typical Manufacturing Issues Our Customers Are Working On

  • How do we reduce production downtime?
  • How do we reduce cure time?
  • How do we reduce scrap?
  • How do we reduce quality issues off our pareto list?
  • How do improve temperature control process capability?
  • How do improve operator efficiency?
  • How do we open our operating window to run specialty raw materials?
  • Is there a user friendly approach to temperature control on the production lines?
  • How do we remove sources of manufacturing variation?

What customers are saying about the Venango MultiZonePlaten

  • MultiZone platens reduced mold surface temperature variation by almost 400%
  • MultiZone platens positively impacted scrap rates
  • MultiZone platens are superior to heat tube platen technology because the key is uniform mold temperature not uniform platen temperature. The heat tube platen does not give manufacturers that capability...MultiZone does.
  • We consider MultiZone platens part of our competitive advantage!!
  • MultiZone platens allows us to run specialized raw material that is more temperature sensitive. It has really opened new markets for us.
  • Things just run better with MultiZone platens. Prior to MultiZone platens we had to put a lot of effort into compensating for temperature differential across the mold it is a non-issue.
  • Prior to MultiZone platens the processing window was a more complex window of operation.
  • MultiZone platens gave us six sigma capability overnight!!!
  • Production is a function of time, temperature and pressure. MultiZone platens have eliminated variation of temperature from the manufacturing equation.
  • The MultiZone platen operator screen user interface makes it easier for the operator to directly control temperature on the mold surface.

multizone platen screen 

The Venango Difference: A MultiZone 
platen customer case study 

A line trial was conducted at a manufacturing site to compare mold cavity temperature capability between existing single zone electric platen technology and the MultiZone platen. The following capability charts represent the results of the line trial. 

platen graph 
Single Zone Platen Impact on Mold Cavity Temperature 

  • 25 degrees off target
  • CPK = -1.477
  • STD Deviation = 3.2
  • Process Window = +/- 9.6
  • Longer Cure Time
  • High Scrap
  • More Manufacturing "Care and Feeding"

platen graph 
MultiZone Platen Impact On Mold Cavity Temperature 

  • Only 0.4 degrees off target
  • CPK = 2.935
  • STD Deviation = 1.08
  • Process Window = +/- 3.2
  • Shorter Cure Time
  • Lower Scrap
  • Floor friendly manufacturing window-"Less Care and Feeding"

MultiZone platen vs Heat Tube (Heat Tube - also known as super thermal conductors or heat pipe technology) platen

  • Venango Machine Company and other producers of heat tube platens rightly claim that platen temperature distribution and uniformity is superior to regular electric platens and may be the product of choice depending on application. Venango Machine Company offers a wide variety of heat tube platens that can be customized to its end use application.
  • Regardless of platen surface temperature uniformity and the industry arguments over its benefits, a customer's production performance is often dictated by the uniformity of the mold cavity temperature which is often independent of the platen temperature uniformity. Heat tube platen heating can NOT be adjusted to account for differences in cavity location or thickness. As one of Venango Machine Company's customers stated, MultiZone platens are superior to heat tube technology because the key is uniform mold temperature not uniform platen temperature. The heat tube platen does not give manufacturers that capability...MultiZone platen does.

Platens With The Power Of Selection 

Unlike the heat tube platen, the 9 zone MultiZone platen thermal image shows how temperature can be targeted to specific sections of the mold. The four corners have been targeted to a higher temperature. Manufacturers can now tailor platen temperatures to mold needs. 


thermal image 

Each of the four corners were set approximately 320 degrees to show the ability of the MultiZone platen to maintain temperature uniformity in selected portions of the platen. The remaining zones have been targeted to 308 degrees: 

Four Corners:

  • Each of the corner zones are within +/- an average of less than 4 degrees of each other
  • Within each specific zone there is only a 1-2 degree difference

Remaining Zones:

  • The uniformity within the other five zones with target temperature of 308 degrees are within +/- an average of 2 degrees of each other
  • Within the zone only a 1-2 degree difference

The power of the MultiZone platen selection allows you to dial in the specific heating profile needs of your specific mold and produce high quality product. 

MultiZone Platen Zone Control Test Utilizing Thermal Image Analysis

The control test was conducted utilizing a small fan positioned in the lower right hand corner of three test platens: Single Zone, Heat Tube, and MultiZone. A thermal imaging camera was positioned above the platens to record temperature performance. 

Test 1: Comparison Between MultiZone Platen and Single Zone Platen 

MultiZone Platen 
thermal image 

Single Zone Platen 
thermal image

  • MultiZone platens out perform Single Zone platens in the fan test by maintaining uniform temperature distribution with active temperature modification
  • Single Zone platen is unable to fully compensate thus leaving the far edges of the platen/mold at a higher differential temperature
  • Differential is 24 degrees for Single Zone vs 2 degrees for MultiZone
  • MultiZone platen wins Hands-Down!

Test 2: Comparison Between MultiZone Platen and Heat Tube Platen 

MultiZone Platen 
thermal image 

Heat Tube Platen 
thermal image

  • MultiZone platen out performs heat tube platen in the fan test by maintaining uniform temperature distribution with active temperature modification
  • Heat Tube platen is unable to fully compensate thus leaving the far edges of the platen/mold at a higher differential temperature
  • Differential is 10 degrees for heat tube vs 2 degrees for MultiZone platen
  • MultiZone platen wins Hands-Down!

MultiZone Platen Thermal Imaging Analysis Overview 

MultiZone platen Thermal Image Analysis demonstrates the following:

  • MultiZone platens compensate for mold anomalies
  • MultiZone platens have active temperature compensation
  • MultiZone platens can compensate for inferior mold manufacturing
  • MultiZone platens can provide temperature uniformity across the entire platen surface

MultiZone Platen Process Flowchart 

multizone flow chart 

Venango Machine Company Support of Your MultiZone Platen Solution

  • Installation-onsite support available for startup and initial training on yourMultiZone platens
  • Spare Parts-stocking programs available to support your MultiZone platens
  • Technical Support-troubleshooting technical support available via phone or onsite to support your MultiZone platens
  • Drawings and Schematics-included for customer electrical personnel. Venango Machine Company maintains backup library of drawings/schematics for allMultiZone customers
  • Engineering Support-technical expertise for engineering and design of platen to meet your specific manufacturing process needs

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