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Need help selecting the exact platen to meet your needs? The Platen Selector below can help guide you to the correct platen choice based on the technical requirements of your needs. Venango offers just about every type of heating or colling platens used throughout the hydraulic platen press market.

Platen presses use either no temperature, heating or cooling platen to create temperature controlled pressure to  mold their products.

Electricity is required to achieve high temperature through a heating platen. Industries with these types of applications include composites and rubber. Many large press applications using steam, hot oil or hot water to heat or cool their platens are found in the lumber, particle board, plywood, MDF, laminates industries.

This table lists considerations, which should be helpful in selecting a platen type for a particular application. This table assumes a 24” x 24” Steel Platen. Please contact Venango Machine’s technical staff to identify your specific platen needs. 
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Venango Machine Company is the clear choice when it comes to selecting platens. Let the Venango difference work for you!