Machinery & Equipment Specialized for Platen Production

Venango Machine Company has the perfect combination of machines, machining technical experience, and design technical experience to meet all of your subcontracting machining requirements. If you are looking for deep hole drilling/gun drilling, flat machining, welding, horizontal boring, surface and edge machining, t-slotting, drilling & tapping, rotary Blanchard grinding, horizontal surface grinding, water line drilling or any other value-added contract machining operations, then Venango Machine Company is the right contract machining business partner for you. Whether you are supplying your raw materials or looking for a supplier to competitively purchase the raw material, Venango Machine Company can execute your requirements in the cost and delivery timeframe that meets your needs.

Venango Machine Company located near Erie, PA has more than 50 years of servicing various industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, rubber products, sporting goods, plastics, paper, laminates, and wood products. Our over 200 years of combined employee machining experience can convert any material into your contracted specification with ease. We are the ultimate value-added partner. Let our machining experience translate into your success today.

machinery and equipment

Gun Drills

Capable of drilling mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and most other alloys. Depth limit of 20′ with diameters of 1/4″ to 2 1/3″

  • (1) NEW 6-Axis gundrill machining center
  • (1) High-speed twin spindle BTA
  • (4) Conventional gun drills with vertical travel and digital readout
  • (1) Horizontal twist drills
  • (1) Radial arm drill
  • (1) TBT-050 deep hole drilling & milling center

Grinders/Planer Mills

  • (2) Rotary blanchard grinders, 72″ rotary table (84″ swing)
  • (2) Planer mills, piece capacity 82″ x 22′ x 15′ with 30 and 50 H.P. rail and side heads
  • (1) Thompson surface grinder, 36″ x 120″ table
  • (1) New Supertec over arm surface grinder 40″ x 118″

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Horizontal Boring

  • (2) CNC horizontal boring mills: one 4″ and one 5″ spindle
  • (1) 5″ Giddings and Lewis horizontal boring mill, table size: 73″ x 168″
  • (1) Manual horizontal boring mill with 4″ spindle with DRO

Wire Feed and Stick Electrode Welders

  • Mig, Tig and Fluxcore


  • (2) 10 ton
  • (4) 5 ton
  • (2) 2 ton

Pickup/Delivery Trucks

  • (1) 15′ flat 18,000 G.U.W capacity
  • (1) 1 1/2 ton stake

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