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Deep-hole drilling is more than just an affordable and efficient manner of producing holes; in fact, it’s a unique process that has become an industry standard. Venango Machine Company has the special tools required to produce long and accurate holes with a smooth finish.

Located near Erie, PA, Venango Machine Company is a leader in gun drilling and deep-hole drilling, as well as platen design and manufacturing. Our organization has over 50 years of experience in deep-hole drilling and gun drilling. Our deep-hole drilling operating window is as follows:

  • Depth limit of 20′
  • Diameters of .25″ to 2.36″
  • Capable of drilling mild steel and most alloys
Deep-Hole Drilling

CNC 6-Axis Drilling & Machining | Deep-Hole Drilling Capabilities

Deep-hole drilling is a complex process that describes holes drilled with a high rate of metal removal and extremely close accuracy. A hole deeper than ten times its diameter is considered a “deep hole” and requires a specialized drilling technique.

Venango’s  CNC drilling equipment includes standard deep-hole drilling machines and tools capable of a specialized deep-hole drilling called gun drilling.

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of our large 87” by 79” CNC 6-Axis Drilling and Machining Center, capable of reaching a 78.74” drilling depth with a 2.36 maximum diameter. These unique deep-hole drilling machines also feature a 30-position automatic tool changer and can assist with counterboring, tapping, and milling.

In addition to the above capabilities, Venango Machine Company can also offer our customers the following:

  • Tight hole diameter tolerance
  • High-quality surface finish (depending on the material hardness)
  • Complex drilling operations performed without secondary operations on our state of the art deep-hole drilling machines
  • Long lengths of stock can be drilled and then cut into individual pieces

For specialized deep-hole drilling, Venango is proud to offer our gun drilling services. Using a single-flute tool, we are able to drill highly accurate, straight, deep holes.

cnc six axis drilling

Gun Drilling vs. Deep-Hole Drilling

A deep hole drilling machine is a metal-cutting machine tool designed to produce deep and precise holes. Venango’s deep-hole drilling equipment is engineered to optimize all aspects of the drilling process and drill deep holes with accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Our dedicated deep-hole drilling machines provide tooling support, coolant delivery, and process feedback for customers and machinists alike. Venango’s experts ensure that our deep-hole drilling machines are optimized to reduce cycle time, stabilize tooling, and prevent tool breakage and process failures.

Two tooling types are generally used to produce deep precision holes: gun drilling and STS drilling.

STS drilling (Single Tube System, also known as BTA drilling) is possible for holes 20 mm [0.80 in] to 250mm [10 in] in diameter and larger. STS drilling uses external coolant flow and internal chip removal.

Gun drills differ from conventional drills by having a single straight flute cutting edge and a single internal coolant hole; this method was invented for drilling the barrels of guns, which famously require extremely straight, precise barrel bores. These drills are typically used for fine deep holes from 1mm [0.040] to 50mm [2.00 in] in diameter.

All value-added services, including work on deep-hole drilling machines and gun drilling, arrive with the Venango quality and quick turnaround promise. Are you looking for deep-hole drilling machines or gun drilling near Erie, PA? Reach out to Venango Machine Company to see what we can do for you.


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