Custom Platens for Golf Ball Core Manufacturing

wecreate / November 17, 2023
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Custom Platens for Golf Ball Core Manufacturing

Your golf ball manufacturing business needs cores that are produced with the right weight and shape on every press. Venango platens can help you achieve this. In this article and throughout our website, you can learn about our custom press platen manufacturing capabilities. We are experienced in producing custom press platens for golf ball manufacturing. If you want to work with a company that understands the rubber molding industry and the heating needs of press equipment, Venango is the right choice for custom platens for golf ball core manufacturing.

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Venango Can Make Custom Platens for Golf Ball Core Manufacturing

Whether your company produces rubber cores alone or manufactures complete golf balls, Venango is your source for custom rubber press platens. We have made custom platens that are used to heat rubber presses for a variety of industries. Companies in the leisure product industry, particularly those involved in making golf balls can benefit from our skilled production of custom rubber press platens.

Consistent Golf Ball Core Manufacturing with Uniform Heating

High volume golf ball manufacturing requires mechanical accuracy and consistency. With platens made by Venango, you can ensure consistent uniform heating across your golf ball core press’s surface. We will be able to build rubber press platens that suit your machine’s size and heating style. With a deep knowledge of your equipment, our staff will be ready to manufacture platens that will heat uniformly and help you get the most out of your press(es).


Making Platens that Suit Your Press’s Heating Style

Given the popularity of different press heating styles including steam, fluid, and electricity, our team has developed skills working with each. Regardless of how your rubber press(es) heat, we can make platens that will integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing process.


Taking Leisure Product Manufacturing Seriously

End users of your products may be buying golf balls to enjoy either competitive play or leisure. Despite the fun customers will have out on their favorite course or the driving the fun customers will have out on their favorite course or the driving range, the process of manufacturing golf balls is serious business. 

We will aim to understand the dimensions of the rubber golf ball cores you make and learn about the specific type(s) of rubber your presses handle. This knowledge will be needed for us to make the right custom platens for golf ball core manufacturing.

Submit Your Golf Ball Core Design and Let Our Team Take a Look

We are ready to hear from you and discuss your rubber press platen needs. You can contact us via our online form or give us a call during our regular business hours. We look forward to reviewing your drawings, getting to know your press equipment, and the golf balls or cores you manufacture. With a strong understanding of your equipment, product(s), and goals, we will have what we need to draft a custom platen quote.


Press Platens That Can Handle Your Production Volume

One of the keys to manufacturing custom platens for golf ball core manufacturing is developing a solution that can handle your intended production volume. The Venango team will make sure that your custom solution provides uniform heating and can handle the usage your production capacity requires. 

When it comes to high volume golf ball core molding, we can manufacture platens that work with multi opening presses or single opening presses. We are experienced working with both styles and know how vital adequate heading across the mold is vital in both scenarios. You can rely on custom platens made by Venango to heat uniformly, last reliably, and result in your ability to meet your production volume goals. Contact us now so we can quote your job and get to work producing your golf ball core press platens.

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