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wecreate / December 22, 2023
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Laminate Industry Press Platen Manufacturing


Whether you are a company manufacturing copper clad laminates, simply making prepreg, or producing complete circuit boards, Venango is your source for custom platens. We understand the intricacies involved at each stage of the circuit board manufacturing process. Combining this knowledge with an understanding of your unique press equipment and operations, we can make the right custom laminate press platens your operation needs.


With our years of experience in laminate industry press platen manufacturing, you can count on Venango to produce custom platens that are perfectly suited to your equipment. You can learn more about our offering by reading further or you can contact us right away to request a quote or discuss the laminate press heating solution you need.


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Serving the Circuit Board Industry and Their Suppliers with Custom Platens


Venango is the go-to source for custom press platens used in circuit board laminate and prepreg manufacturing. No matter where your manufacturing business resides in the circuit board manufacturing industry, we can develop a press platen solution that suits your needs. From heating prepreg press equipment to copper clad laminate presses, our platens can serve a variety of uses. Continue reading to learn about the laminate press heating styles we work with and how our custom solutions can integrate smoothly into your manufacturing process.


Making Platens for Laminate Manufacturers that Integrate Seamlessly with Your Equipment


Whether you need press platens made for circuit board manufacturing or simply to heat the press involved in making prepreg, Venango can help. As a custom platen manufacturer, we make platens that are unique to your equipment. We make platens that are suited to the heating method your presses utilize and are sized adequately for your molds. By contracting us for a custom solution, your new platens will be easy to install and ready for use whether your presses operate using heat from electricity, fluid, or steam.

Evenly Distributed Heat Helps to Avoid Delamination and More


Without adequate press weight and heat distribution throughout your molding process, delamination can take place. To ensure the quality of your circuit boards or prepreg, Venango platens are built to distribute heat evenly and consistently. Whether your company uses laminate presses heated by electricity, steam, or fluid, the custom platens we make will be designed to provide uniform heating across the press surface each time your equipment runs. Our platens can also handle the impact and vibrations that your presses can generate, so you can rely on them to be a lasting solution following installation. From heating your presses evenly to ensure high quality prepreg and laminate press manufacturing to providing you with the longevity you deserve from your heating mechanism, Venango platens offer everything you need.


The Circuit Board Industry Supply Chain Trusts Venango for Their Platen Needs


Venango is ready to serve as your laminate industry press platen manufacturing resource. No matter where your company finds itself within the circuit board industry, we can make press platens that allow you to produce your complete boards, prepreg, or laminate components reliably. From prepreg and copper clad laminates to complete circuit boards, custom platens from Venango will integrate smoothly into your manufacturing operation. With knowledge of your press equipment and the products you use it to manufacture, we will be able to provide you with a custom manufactured press platen that will be ready to fulfill your daily production needs.


To discuss the laminate or prepreg press heating solution you need, contact Venango today. We want to get to know you, your company, and your equipment so we can begin manufacturing your custom platens. In addition to our decades of expertise, we offer competitive prices and quality that you will not find from other platen manufacturers.


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