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Nyla Vogel / May 3, 2024
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Since 1954 Venango Machine Company has been at the forefront of developing new technology critical for subsequent advancements in the rubber, laminate, composite, and plywood industries. One of the manufacturing practices omnipresent throughout these industries is reliant on heated compression molding presses to manufacture a wide assortment of essential products. Compression molding is used extensively to create products like rubber o-rings, gaskets, carbon fiber components, plywood, engineered wood, and even laminate plank flooring. This blog will provide a more in-depth understanding of compression molding, how electric platens are involved, and the benefits associated with choosing Venango Machine to fabricate these products for your company.

What are Heated Compression Molding Presses?

In simple terms, a compression press, or compression molding machine, is a hydraulically powered press that can be used to mold a wide array of materials into specific shapes or designs depending on the end application. Heated compression molding presses simply introduce heat to the molding process when necessary, most commonly with the aid of electric platens. Materials like rubber, carbon fiber, composites, laminates, and plywood all depend on the heat introduced through electric platens to help prepare, shape, and cure the material into the desired shape. In many cases, the material must also be cooled while compressed to attain the desired structural integrity necessary for the end component. Venango Machine electric platens are desired to not only reach the high temperatures required by heated compression molding presses but also cool quickly for specific applications.

Electric Platens & Heated Compression Molding Presses

The ideal platens for heated compression molding presses are electrically heated. These platens provide compression molders with a heating method with expedited heat-up and recovery times and the ability to achieve higher temperatures during operation. Considering compression molding is used for a variety of applications, temperature flexibility is essential to meet specific requirements. Venango Machine Company has developed several standard variations of the electric platen and each can be used in heated compression molding presses to achieve desired results.

  • Type SE – Strip Electric Platen: The strip electric platen uses a strip-type heating element to achieve desired temperature levels and is ideal for lower temperature or non-vacuum heated compression molding presses.
  • Type CE – Cartridge Electric Platen: These platens rely on round cartridge heaters to achieve the desired temperatures for heated compression molding presses especially high-temperature applications. Venango Machine has also developed a split electric platen to help customers remove and replace expired heating elements after burnout.
  • Type HT – Heat Tube Platen: The design of these platens incorporates a multi-layer lattice type structure of cartridge heaters and heat tubes. These can be a cost-effective retrofit option for heated compression molding presses and can be quickly integrated into existing equipment.
  • Type EWC – Electrically Heated & Water Cooled Platen: These specific platens are desired for applications that require both vacuum and non-vacuum procedures. Venango Machine offers specialty designs for heated compression molding presses that require severe heating or cooling temperatures.
  • Multi-Zone Electric Platen: Multi-zone electric platens are Ideal for applications that require precise temperature control across the platen face like carbon fiber manufacturing. The precisely controlled temperature levels ensure a quality product and faster recovery times that save our customers both time and money.

Benefits of Venango Electric Platens for Heated Compression Molding

The applicable benefits that Venango Machine electric platens offer heated compression molding presses extend beyond the variety of heating methods and temperature control features previously mentioned. As one of the world’s oldest platen manufacturers, Venango is well-versed in the necessary machining practices, designs, and quality standards demanded by compression molding companies. When you purchase your electric platens from Venango, you are guaranteed an exceptional product with an exceptional lifespan that will deliver impressive results.

  • Diverse Industry Experience: Throughout our company’s history we have worked with numerous industries that utilize electric platens in heated compression molding presses. Our experience ranges from companies manufacturing golf balls to rubber automotive components, laminate flooring manufacturers, and carbon fiber components used in aerospace or high-performance mechanical systems.
  • Expansive CNC Machining Capabilities: Venango’s incredible array of CNC machining equipment and experienced operators allow for incredible precision and accuracy in all fabricated electric platens. Our facility operates a wide range of milling machines, planer mills, and a 6-axis CNC gundrilling machining center with a 30-position automatic tool changer. The combination of experience and modern machining equipment guarantees that the quality, performance, and longevity of our platens are unmatched in the industry. Furthermore, our team can utilize the very same machining equipment to repair or refurbish electric platens used in heated compression molding presses.
  • Electric Platen Variety: As previously mentioned, Venango Machine offers an impressive array of differently heated electric platens to best suit your specific compression molding requirements. From the Type SE Strip Electric low-temperature capabilities up to the impressive control offered by Multi-Zone platens and even custom-designed options, Venango Machine is confident we have a platen for you.

Purchase Electric Platens for Heated Compression Molding Presses

Any company utilizing heated compression molding presses should look to incorporate Venango Machine premium electric platens to improve the precision and efficiency of their process. The diverse range of solutions offered by Venango has helped companies in the rubber, carbon fiber, plywood, MDF/OSB, and laminate industries achieve higher throughput of components while simultaneously improving quality. The commitment to quality craftsmanship and an ever-expanding arsenal of CNC machining equipment and other modern technology has helped Venango remain a top provider of electric platens for heated compression molding presses for nearly seventy-five years. Contact us today for more information on the best electric platens for your compression molding requirements including our custom-design capabilities.

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