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Large Capacity Rotary Grinding & Flat Grinding Near Pittsburgh, PA

Over 50 Years of Blanchard & Surface Grinding Experience

Blanchard grinders are known worldwide as leaders in rotary grinding. In fact, Blanchard grinders are so well known for their quality and precision that Blanchard grinding and rotary grinding have become synonymous. Rotary grinding utilizes high horsepower to remove large amounts of surface stock, leaving a cross-hatched surface finish and providing excellent flatness and parallelism. We have experience working with mild steel, stainless alloys, mold steels, forgings, and castings.

Venango Machine Company utilizes large capacity Blanchard grinders with an 84” swing and a 72” magnetic chuck that holds the workpiece in place. Our rotary grinding operating window is as follows:

  • 72″ rotary table
  • 84″ swing
  • 22″ height

Additionally, Venango Machine can supply your material ground to size, making us a one-stop-shop and eliminating multiple shipping costs.

With over 50 years of Blanchard grinding experience, Venango Machine Company is a leader in flat grinding, rotary grinding, and platen design and manufacturing located 15 miles south of I-90 near Erie, Pa. Customers who work with us not only expect superior quality, but a quick, on-time turnaround on their projects.


Large Metal Horizontal Surface Grinding Services Near Pittsburgh, Pa

Our Supertec horizontal surface grinder is used for flat horizontal grinding, providing precision flatness and parallelism as well as a smooth finish. This is achieved through minimal stock removal and achieves a low Ra finish. We use an aluminum oxide grinding wheel to assist in removing material, a magnetic chuck, and a traversing machine bed to carry the chuck and workpiece beneath the spindle.

Venango Machine Company can accommodate precision tolerances on mold plates and maintain precision ground finishes on parts up to 118” long. Our surface grinding operating window is as follows:

  • 40” wide table (80” capacity with blend)
  • 118″ length
  • 22″ height
horizontal surface grinding
Venango Machine frequently grinds materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel alloys, tool steels, finished mold blocks, plates, and press plates. All aforementioned value-added grinding services arrive with the Venango quality and quick turnaround promise. Reach out to Venango Machine Company for all your rotary and horizontal surface grinding needs.

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