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Steam & Thermal Fluid Platen Overview

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Steam & Thermal Fluid Platen Types

Steam, Thermal Fluid, and Water Platen Types Manufacturing

Steam & Hot Oil Platens for the Rubber & Plywood Industries

Steam and thermal fluid platens are specifically designed for the rubber, plastic, laminating, and plywood industries. Although there are many basic platen designs, our talented engineers treat each and every project as if it’s truly one-of-a-kind. From concept through final platen design, we will tailor a specific design to meet your exact requirements in every detail.

Steam & Thermal Fluid Platens

Platen Types: Laminating and Board Press Platen Manufacturing

Venango Machine uses innovative technology and manufacturing expertise to produce platens specifically tailored to customers’ requirements. Your specific application will help our engineers design the platen that works best for you. The chart below shows the types of steam and thermal fluid platens that are typically designed. If you are unsure which type of platen is best for your application, contact our sales department for further assistance.

laminating and board press platens
pipe plug construction platen

Type PP - Pipe Plug Construction Platen

This platen design utilizes steam, thermal fluid, or hot/cold water.
side inserted baffle platen

Type SIB - Side Inserted Baffle Platen

Type SIB platens utilize steam, hot water, or thermal fluids. These platens can be used in applications where more severe heating and cooling cycles are experienced; this type is also not preferable where numbers of edge-mounting holes are required.
pipe plug construction platen
side inserted baffle platen
welded plug platen

Type WP - Welded Plug Platen

Type WP platens utilize steam, hot water, or thermal fluid (hot oil) in heating applications and can also be designed for cooling applications, as well as combination heating and cooling. These platens are typically used in applications where severe heating and cooling cycles are not experienced.
milled slot platen

Type MS - Milled Slot Platen

This platen design utilizes steam, hot water, or thermal fluid platens. Type MS platens are the most versatile vapor or liquid platen design as they hold up well under severe heating and/or cooling cycles. These plates also typically allow for greater flexibility where numbers of edge holes are required.
welded plug platen
milled slot platen

Steam & Thermal Fluid Platen Refurbishing and Repair

It is crucial to operational efficiencies that platens maintain their flatness and parallelism. If a platen is slightly bent, nicked or gouged, it will produce imperfections in the end product. Venango Machine Company’s refurbishing program is capable of re-machining steam and thermal fluid platens that have been damaged in pressing accidents, modifying steam platens for thermal fluid heating, upgrading hanger and guide systems to accommodate additional press openings, and restoring flat and parallel specifications to platens suffering from wear and tear. To learn more about Venango’s platen refurbishing capabilities, contact us today.

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