Multizone Platen Product Showcase

Apr. 8 2022

Multizone Platen Product Showcase

When you’re searching for heated platens with temperature control for large or small-scale production, Venango multi-zone heated platens are the best choice for your business. MultiZone Platens are specially designed for precision heat application, evenly distributed mold and surface heat, and are complete with a stand-alone control interface.


Heated Platens for Applications Needing the Best Temperature Control

Modern heated platens can range from as small as 12×12 inches up to several-hundred inches for large volume production. Heated platens allow manufacturers to introduce high temperatures while applying forming pressure to molds or directly to materials. Electrically heated platens use their heated surface to allow extruded or pressed material within a mold to become pliable. This heat uniformity is crucial, as it affects the dimensional stability and hardness of the component being produced and controls for minimal quench distortion and cracking.

Multizone Heated Platen

Venango’s MultiZone Heated Platens use electricity to achieve consistent mold temperatures and have unmatched reliability. With dedicated zone control, tracking and sustaining even temperatures is quick, accurate, and reliable.

The MultiZone Platen System

How does a Venango MultiZone Heated Platen work? Here are two common questions, answered:

  • How are multizone platens heated?
    The precisely manufactured Venango MultiZone Heated Platen uses individual thermocouples and advanced, zone-specific controls. Each platen is divided into nine areas, or “zones”. Heat distribution is controlled via internal sensors, and heating rates are rapid. MultiZone technology allows for tight temperature profiles on a mold’s surface. In fact, Venangos proprietary MultiZone Heated Platen reduces mold surface temperature variation by almost 400%.
  • How is platen temperature controlled?
    The precise performance of a Venango MultiZone Heated Platen is directed by its state-of-the-art control panel. Venango has a unique stand-alone control interface with the option of a complete operator HMI system, including control panel schematics. Venango provides initial control panel engineering, on-site setup and training for our control panels, and troubleshooting for any electric platens.


The Importance of Consistent Heat Distribution

A platen press with excellent temperature control means fast, uniform production with minimal waste and downtime – the ultimate goal in manufacturing. Additionally, a heated platen press should last for many production cycles without warping or diminishing its ability to provide consistent temperature.

To stay in good condition, electric platens must allow molds to reach the desired temperature quickly and then recover in a timely way.  Such reliability is a hallmark of Venango’s unique MultiZone Heated Platen. When paired with technologically advanced control panels to closely monitor heat distribution, manufacturers can rest assured that their press won’t suffer from the common pitfalls that cause production breakdown.

Support from Venango

We are happy to refurbish, rebuild, regrind, replace, repair any malfunctioning platen. Whether your platen is leaking or is in need of a replacement thermocouple, we can diagnose and repair your heated platen. When your machinery isn’t performing optimally, your lead times and production suffer. Our experts will bring your machine tools up to par to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Venango Multizone Heated Platens

We know that maintaining good temperature uniformity over the surface of a platen and on a mold itself is crucial. At Venango, our exclusive MultiZone Platen technology makes heat control easy and precise, and our control panels are equipped with sophisticated software to allow careful temperature monitoring.  When the quality of your product depends on even heat, Venango’s MultiZone Platen is the best choice.

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