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Contract CNC Machining Services Near Buffalo, NY

Venango Machine Company has the perfect combination of equipment, machining technical experience, and design technical experience to meet all of your subcontract machining requirements. Venango is more than just another job shop; we view ourselves as a partner that can help smaller machine shops complete complex projects with our large machines and advanced machining capabilities. You can rest assured your customers will be impressed as we complete your project with the most precise CNC machining work possible.

If you are looking for flat machining, welding, horizontal boring, surface and edge machining, t-slotting, drilling & tapping, or any other value-added contract machining operations, then Venango Machine Company is the right contract machining business partner for you. Whether you intend to supply your own raw materials or are looking for a supplier that can competitively purchase raw material, we can execute your requirements in the cost and delivery timeframe that meets your needs.

Venango Machine Company utilizes a number of large CNC machining centers to accommodate your requirements; our carefully selected array of machining tools offer our customers an unparalleled range of capabilities without limits on lot sizes. Small or large, Venango is prepared to become your one-stop-shop for your contract machining and precision milling needs.

Contract Machining

Precision Milling Services

Venango Machine Company is dedicated to offering our customers precision milling services that meet every individual requirement for metrics such as accuracy, quality, and value. We specialize in affordable solutions for both short and long-run milling projects.

Venango Machine Company utilizes a wide range of precision milling machines, including planer mills and CNC and manual horizontal boring mills that enable us to accommodate flat pieces measuring 84” x 22’. These high-efficiency mills remove large quantities of stock while producing a moderate surface finish. Our experienced machinists routinely mill precision base plates, platens, fixtures, and virtually any operation requiring planing, boring, drilling, slotting, and keyway cutting.

precision milling services

Professional CNC Machining & Milling Manufacturer Located Near Pittsburgh and Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY, and Cleveland, OH

In over 50 years of service, we’ve served a multitude of industries including the automotive, aerospace, medical, rubber products, sporting goods, plastics, paper, laminates, and wood product spaces. Our machining experience can convert any material into your contracted specifications with ease. We are the ultimate value-added partner; let our machining experience translate into your success today.

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