Deep Hole Drilling Services for the Molding Industry

wecreate / July 13, 2023
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Deep Hole Drilling Services for the Molding Industry from Venango

If you have components in need of deep hole drilling that must be completed efficiently and with precision, Venango is here to help. For over half a century, we have been producing and repairing molding equipment that is utilized to manufacture products made of rubber, laminate, composites, plywood, and more. The needs of the molding industry are vast, but we can perform deep hole drilling services and other important work companies in this space require. Deep hole drilling requires advanced equipment and tested techniques, and Venango has everything needed to successfully complete your drilling job. Below we will describe some of our capabilities and processes, then we invite you to contact us so we can quote your deep hole drilling job.

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Benefit From Our 6-Axis Machining Capabilities for Deep Hole Drilling

We are not just skilled machinists, we are skilled deep hole drillers who utilize state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Our 6-axis machining center offers a size range of 87” by 79” This 6-axis machining center also has a 2.36” maximum diameter and a maximum depth of 78.74”. Its programmable design is intended for tight tolerance, and we can produce a high-quality surface finish for your parts depending on the material hardness.

Performing Deep Hole Drilling with a 20’ Depth Limit

When we say we can perform deep hole drilling, we mean deep! At Venango, we can drill holes up to 20’ deep while remaining within tight diameter tolerances. In addition to our maximum drilling capabilities, we can also work with stock material that begins with a longer length. After completing Deep Hole Drilling on this long-length stock we can cut it into individual pieces. As we will describe below, there is a diverse variety of stock metals we can successfully drill, which makes the sorts of jobs you can contract Venango for extensive.

Venango Can Drill Most Alloys and Mild Steel Used in Molding Equipment

We specialize in providing Deep Hole Drilling services for the Molding Industry and given the variety of markets this industry serves; the materials molding equipment is made from can vary. Over our decades in business, we have learned to drill new materials as our customers have refined their processes. Nowadays these materials include mild steel and a range of alloys. The metal your project calls for will help us determine the best way to complete our deep hole drilling work. Thanks to the variety of equipment we have on-hand, we have the tools necessary to effectively drill the mild steel or alloy that best suits your project.

Our Platen Manufacturing Expertise Adds to Our Drilling Skillset

As a custom platen manufacturer, Venango understands every aspect of the molding process. This means that when you contract us for a deep hole drilling project you are having work completed by a team that knows the parts’ intended use. Knowing the purpose of our work in your overall molding operation helps us to complete Deep Hole Drilling jobs efficiently and correctly every time. It also allows us to provide helpful advice if we think there is a solution that your drawings have not factored in. We know the platen manufacturing process inside and out, and this adds to the value of contracting Venango for our deep hole drilling services.

Contract Us for Work That Goes Beyond Deep Hole Drilling

Although we have emphasized our ability to provide precision Deep Hole Drilling services for the molding industry, this is only one of many machining solutions we offer. For example, you can also contract Venango to perform tapping, milling, counterboring, and Gundrilling to name just a few other services we provide. We also often complete Blanchard and surf grinding along with our deep hole drilling work.

Given the extent of the services we can provide, we recommend exploring our website prior to contacting us to discuss your deep hole drilling needs. We want to perform deep hole drilling and any other work that is within our suite of capabilities to ensure your next project is completed seamlessly.

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