High Temperature Electric Platens

wecreate / October 30, 2023

High Temperature Electric Platens

If your company manufactures products using press equipment that requires high temperatures, Venango can provide you with the perfect custom platen solution. We are expert manufacturers of high temperature electric platens. One of our most popular capabilities is manufacturing these custom platens in a multizone style. As you will learn from this article, this design combined with our team’s experience will provide you with the ideal mold heating solution. Once you feel comfortable understanding the benefits of our high temperature electrically heated platens, you can contact Venango to discuss your needs.

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Venango Multizone Electric Press Platens Come with a Control Panel

If you need a high-temperature electric platen for your press equipment, you may need to control its heat precisely. To make this easy, when you contract Venango to manufacture your custom high temperature electric platens in a multizone heating style, we will also provide you with a control panel. Both the custom platen style and control solution are unique to Venango and will be crafted to your unique specifications to ensure you can begin using your new equipment effectively promptly following its installation.


Uniform Heating is Needed for a Press to Function Properly

Not only is it crucial for your electric platens to achieve the high temperatures your products require, but this heating must be uniform and consistently so. Electrical heating is ideal for uniform heating and especially so when a platen is made with a multizone design. With high temperature electric platens from Venango your molds will heat uniformly and at a temperature that you can control with the control panel we mentioned your multizone platen will come with.

You have enough challenges to deal with as a manufacturer and we can help you remove heating uniformity from the list.


Quantifying the Benefits of Multizone Electrically Heated High Temp Platens

Would you like to see some hard numbers and more details related to the benefits of our multizone electric platens? He can help. For starters, how does a nearly 400% reduction in temperature variation across a mold sound? This figure comes directly from one of our satisfied customers. While heat tube technology may work for many presses, it simply cannot match the temperature control and uniformity of our high temp electrically heated platens when made with a multizone electrical heating design.


Reliable Model Heating Directly Translates to Product Quality

If you are using presses to mold rubber products, laminates, composites, or something else requiring precision, we can help. Particularly when making precise and complex presses products, there is a direct relationship between uniform heat and product quality. As you have been able to learn above, our custom high temp platens will provide easy to control and uniform heat throughout your mold(s). These long lasting and reliable press platens will serve as the ideal custom heating solution for your molds.


Benefit From Exclusive Platen Technolgy and Expertise by Contracting Venango

Our custom platen manufacturing operation has been producing electrically heated platens for over 50 years. Throughout this time, we have learned the ins and outs of the process of manufacturing custom press platens. We have also been an industry leader in advancing the technology behind electric platens. What this means for your company is that contracting Venango will allow you to gain access to both our expertise and exclusive platen technology. The result will be an affordable, promptly manufactured custom multizone electrically heated platen. With a convenient user interface, you will have precise control of your custom platens heating to ensure your mold(s) produce(s) your products or parts exactly as intended.

To begin a discussion about your high temperature multizone electric platen needs with our team, simply contact us today either by phone or through our brief contact form.

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