Venango MultiZone Heating Platens Improve Product Quality and Molding Performance

Mar. 24 2019

Venango MultiZone Heating Platens Improve Product Quality and Molding Performance

In compression molding, as the value of the material and part rises so does the importance of controlling the uniformity of heat transfer to the mold cavity. Single zone heating platens can not correct temperature variation across the mold face which negatively impacts manufacturing, part quality and increases scrap rates.

Venango’s MultiZone heating platens with a control system reduces mold surface temperature variation by almost 400% delivering the precise control necessary to ensure good product and faster recoveries saving time and money. In a comparison of single zone versus MultiZone heating platens, temperature uniformity improved from 25 degrees off target to only 0.4 degrees. Further, the CPK increased from -1.47 to 2.94 while lowering the standard deviation from 3.2 to 1.08. During molding, the process window dropped from +/- 9.6 to +/- 3.2 ultimately leading to shorter cure times and lower scrap rates.

“Maintaining good temperature uniformity over the surface of a platen is extremely difficult. The MultiZone platen is superior to heat tube platen technology, because the key is uniform mold temperature not uniform platen temperature. MultiZone platens with controls give molders six sigma capabilities,” said Nyla Vogel, Sales Manger, Venango Machine.

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Venango Machine Company manufactures steam, hot oil, electrically heated (cartridge and strip), high temperature, and heating/cooling platens for hydraulic press and compression molding applications. Platens accommodate round, square or rectangular designs for any application. Regardless of press size or type, Venango designs new platens or simply manufacture platens to OEM specification.

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