Large Surface Blanchard Grinding Services

wecreate / April 25, 2022

Blanchard grinders are so renowned that the name “Blanchard” has become the de facto name for the process of rotary grinding. Like Band-Aid, TASER, and Xerox, “Blanchard” is a brand name that has become synonymous with the highest quality product of its kind on the market. The Blanchard grinder was made by the Blanchard Machine Company over 100 years ago. Blanchard grinders, and their trademark cross-hatched finish, have been the standard for rotary surface grinding machines ever since.

Venango Machine Company, a member of the Custom Group, provides large surface Blanchard grinding services to various companies and industries. We proudly deliver exceptional quality and fast lead times with our state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff.


Rotary surface grinding is an important step in a complete machining process. Precision and close tolerance are crucial when grinding parts, as flatness and parallelism are absolutely necessary to the integrity of a ground surface.

How does it work?

At the beginning of the grinding process, a workpiece is affixed to the rotary table either magnetically or physically, depending on the material being used. The table itself then spins the component under a vertical grinding spindle onto which another wheel is affixed and lowered. This second wheel is the grinding surface that makes contact with the surface of the workpiece. The component and work-table spin in opposite directions at high horsepower, leaving an unmistakable crosshatch pattern.  As the tables spin, or “grind”, surface stock is removed from the workpiece. Venango’s top-of-the-line grinding tools and measuring equipment are able to achieve tolerances to .001 inches on these large surface Blanchard ground components.

Large surface Blanchard grinding is versatile, and it is typically used on:

  • Large castings and forgings
  • Large sections of plate stock
  • Large stampings
  • Molds and die

Venango Machine can supply your material ground to size, making us a one-stop-shop and eliminating multiple shipping costs.

VENANGO’S Large Surface Blanchard Grinding Services and Equipment

Venango Machine, known for its technology when it comes to precision milling and machining, regularly adds new machines to our growing equipment list. Currently, we have the following equipment available for our clients’ precision grinding needs:


  • (2) Rotary Blanchard grinders, 72″ rotary table (84″ swing)
  • (1) Thompson surface grinder, 36″ x 120″ table
  • (1) New Supertec over arm surface grinder 40″ x 118″

Contact Venango for Grinding Services

In order to keep up with the demands of the evolving manufacturing industry, Venango engages the best machine tools, training programs, and customer service. We strive to continue to accommodate ever-longer runs, larger projects, and tighter tolerances for our clients. Contact Venango machining today and find out how our grinding services for parts up to 120 inches long can enhance your business or project.

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