50 Years of Precision Contract CNC Machining Excellence at Venango

wecreate / May 15, 2023
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Benefit From 50 Years of Precision Contract CNC Machining Excellence at Venango

With state-of-the-art large CNC machining centers and five decades of experience serving precision focused industries, Venango has the equipment and know how to take on your next machining job . We maintain multi-axis CNC planer mills that can accommodate flat pieces up to 84” x 22’, and specialize in machining for press platens. We invite you to read on to learn more about how we use advanced CNC equipment to manufacture and refurbish custom fluid, steam, and electric press platens. Once you determine if we are the right team for your next machining job, contact us to provide your drawings, seek our advice, and request a quote.

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Precision Machining for Industries Including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and More

The quality of our precision contract CNC machining services has helped us earn the trust and repeat business of manufacturers in industries that demand exceptional work. Manufacturers operating in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, wood, and beyond are often contract customers of ours. They rely on our team to understand their industries and machining needs, as well as to provide advice on how to best complete projects where multiple plausible solutions are being considered.

Contract Venango for Both Short and Long-Run CNC Milling Projects in PA

The programmability of our CNC milling centers make repeated production runs seamless. This means you can contract Venango for both short and long run milling projects. Our machining capacity makes us a reliable resource for repeated milling runs. Adding to the capabilities of our machining centers is the space our 35,000 square foot facility provides. This allows us to store and work with our CNC milling centers. It also makes it easy for us to have the space required to prepare your machined parts and equipment for pickup.

Our CNC Machining Centers Can Be Used for Value Added Manufacturing Services

In addition to the milling capabilities of our multi-axis CNC machining centers, we also utilize our advanced suite of equipment for value added jobs. With the wide range of press platen repair, refurbishing, and manufacturing services we provide, it is important to be able to offer machining solutions that complement this work. These value added contract machining services include horizontal boring, edge and surface machining to ensure finished consistency, t-slotting, tapping, drilling, grinding, and more. We perform this work with machines from top brands such as Supertec, Thompson, and more. We offer even more than the value added contract machining services mentioned in this article, so feel free to contact us if you have a unique scenario you would like us to consider.

Supply Us with Your Desired Raw Material or Contract Venango to Acquire It

Our precision contract CNC machining process is flexible and allows you to either supply the raw material that is to be machined or to contract us to acquire it. Given our longstanding relationships with reliable material suppliers, we can often pass on bulk-order cost savings to customers like you. Regardless of how the materials we work with are obtained, our team will machine them within the tight tolerance your drawings or our custom plans call for.

Specializing in CNC Milling for Press Platen Components

Given our decades of experience manufacturing custom fluid, electric, and steam platens, it should come as no surprise that we specialize in CNC milling jobs involving these platens. Precision machining often plays a vital role in ensuring press components. Given the extent of the milling and value added machining services we can provide, there is no press platen related manufacturing and machining job we are not willing to consider.

Venango is prepared to complete your precision contract CNC machining job and we look forward to quoting it after you reach out with your request soon.

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