Composite Press Platen Manufacturing for Aerospace and Automotive Companies

wecreate / February 28, 2023

Venango Manufactures Composite Platens for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries

Laminate manufacturing in the aerospace and automotive industries requires presses with platens that heat uniformly and work reliably. At Venango Machine we have over 60 years of experience manufacturing quality platens and working with high tech equipment to service these two industries, among others. As we will detail below, we maintain a diverse array of advanced machines at our Wattsburg, PA based headquarters where our experienced staff is well versed in putting this equipment to effective use. As you continue to read, you will be able to learn more about our machines, methods, and the automotive and aerospace parts the press platens we develop are used to develop. 


Manufacturing and Refurbishing Composite Platens for Presses from Top Brands

Manufacturing, repairing, and refurbishing composite platens requires advanced equipment, and we know how to work with plenty of it at Venango headquarters. Some of the press manufacturers we can develop composite platens for includes top brands like Macrodyne Press, Wabash Machinery, French Oil Machinery, Pinette Machinery, Wickert Machinery, PHI Press, Pacific Press, Trinks, TMP Press, and many more. Thanks to servicing such a wide variety of automotive and aerospace equipment manufacturers over the years, we can effectively manufacture and repair platens that are sized perfectly for the many hydraulic presses these brands produce that also provide uniform heat. 


The Style of Presses Venango Platens Work In Are Diverse and High Tech

When Venango manufactures or refurbishes platens, they are utilized in a diverse variety of presses. Our skilled team can work with all types of compression molding presses, C Frame presses, automated compression presses, slab side presses, 4 post presses, RTM presses, airbag presses, SQRTM presses, helping to eliminate the autoclave manufacturing.  Manufacturing aerospace and automotive equipment requires properly functioning and durable presses, and Venango can produce the platens that these presses need to work reliably.


Our Platens Provide Uniform Heating for a Wide Range of Precision Aerospace Products

Given the Aerospace industry’s nature, there is no room for error when manufacturing the equipment that allows planes and other airborne machines to operate. Our team understands this and knows that one way to ensure aerospace products are manufactured to their precise specifications is to manufacture platens that are durable and designed to provide uniform heating. Our composite press platens are relied upon by aerospace manufacturers engaged in making parts including wings, fuselage, tail surfaces, doors, airplane bodies, rotor blades, battery casing and covers, gaskets, flooring and sidewalls, engine nacelles, and more. When you contract Venango for your next composite platen job, we will review your drawings in depth, discuss your needs, and complete your platen manufacturing or refurbishing work at a fair price and with a reasonable turnaround time. 


The Automotive Industry Contracts Venango for Platen Refurbishing and Development

Much like Aerospace parts, we know that automotive products need to be made with precision and our custom manufactured platens provide the reliability and uniform heating needed to ensure this can happen. Venango’s platens are used in presses that produce automotive equipment including brakes, battery casings and covers, air deflectors and spoilers, air intake manifolds, bumpers, bumper beams, and much more. Our platens can also be used to make composite products such as frames for windows and sunroofs, headlamp housings, heat shields, exterior body panels, and other vital components involved in allowing automobiles to function correctly.


We Will Review Your Drawings Thoroughly and Provide a Competitive Quote

If you need custom automotive or aerospace press platens manufactured or refurbished, Venango is ready for the job. We invite you to supply us with your drawings so we can review them thoroughly. Upon review, we will be able to put together a competitively priced quote for your platen-related work that guarantees prompt turnaround time. Our goal is to provide you with the hydraulic press platens designed specifically for your process, produced with the highest quality. We have a 60 year record of accomplishment successfully manufacturing platens for the compression molding industry setting the standards with the latest technology.  Contact us so we can quote your job and help eliminate your scrap  getting your presses meeting today’s stringent manufacturing processes.

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