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wecreate / January 12, 2023

Looking for an Experienced Wood Press Platen Manufacturer in PA? Venango Can Help

If your business manufactures wood composites, wood laminate flooring, or any other manufactured wood product, you need reliably functioning hydraulic press platens. If you require a hydraulic platen press to be manufactured, repaired, or refurbished, Venango Machine is the custom platen manufacturer near Erie, PA to contract. As we will outline in this piece, our team has decades of experience helping the wood composite and laminate industries function by keeping their platen presses in excellent working order. We can work with hydraulic platens and laminate presses from top manufacturers that are used to manufacture an enormous variety of popular wood-based products. Once you read on to learn more about our capabilities, our creative team will welcome the opportunity to quote.


Venango’s Hydraulic Wood Press Platens Serve Diverse Areas of the Manufactured Wood Industry

The wood composite and laminate industry continues to innovate and increase the variety of products they manufacture, and this requires innovation in the hydraulic press platen used to manufacture these goods. Examples of the products manufactured using presses Venango works on include plywood, medium density board, high density board, oriented strand board, wood laminate floor tile, veneer, glue lam, and more. With our extensive experience manufacturing and refurbishing platens designed for use in presses making these products, our team will be able to understand your needs and work efficiently to meet them with fair prices and prompt turnaround times.


Venango Machine Can Work with a Variety of Hydraulic Press Machine Styles used in the Wood Industry

Below we will refer to several of the manufacturers whose hydraulic presses we manufacture custom platens for, but first we will mention some of the styles of machines with which we are experienced working. Venango can work with wood industry presses ranging from multiple opening hydraulic presses, pre-heater presses, high pressure hydraulic presses, converting presses, lamination presses, and more. Our wood industry contract customers rely on Venango to understand the ins and outs of these manifold press styles and to provide platens that are tailor made to their equipment and unique use cases.


We Are Experts on Working on Hydraulic Presses from Top Manufacturers 

While our team maintains expertise in repairing and manufacturing hydraulic platens for the wood industry, the quality of the machines we work with makes our job easier. Our customers utilize wood composite platens and laminate presses from top manufacturers that include 

If your wood composite business operates with equipment from any of these renowned press manufacturers, Venango will be ready to serve your custom platen manufacturing needs. Despite wood presses having common dimensions that may apply to your equipment, our team will review your drawings and consider your unique circumstances to ensure that the hydraulic platens we develop on your behalf will perfectly suit their intended application.


The Depth of Our Experience Means We Know How to Make Custom Platen Jobs Efficiently

At Venango Machine our business has been manufacturing custom press platens for over 50 years, with even greater combined experience held by the talented members of our team. The breadth of knowledge gained during these years in business coupled with the advanced equipment we maintain at our 35,000 sqft facility enables us to complete custom wood industry platen manufacturing work both efficiently and with high quality. Our quality is guaranteed not only by our well thought out manufacturing methods but also by our testing regimen. At our facility near Erie, PA, we have hydrostatic testing facilities and additional testing equipment used to ensure the quality of our completed work.

If your company operates in the manufactured wood industry, contracting with a custom platen press manufacturer that has worked with the presses your business requires to function is crucial. Venango is ready to help you keep or get your presses working smoothly with custom platens that are tailor made for your hydraulic presses and designed with your end products in mind.

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