Steam Heated Platen Presses: Manufacturing and Repair for Wood & Rubber Industries

Aug. 5 2022

Steam Heated Platen Presses: Manufacturing and Repair for  Wood & Rubber Industries

In the engineered wood industry, the function of a steam-heated platen press is to heat and cure adhesives in the composite wood to maximize the final product’s strength and durability. Within this and many other industries, steam-heated platen presses are employed to press and cure rubber and plastic composite materials for maximum toughness and flexibility.

Wood products that are pressed in steam platens may go on to be used for commercial and residential construction, while vulcanized rubber is crucial in industries including the automobile, healthcare, and industrial sectors. In addition, the uniform, stable heating in a steam-heated platen is economical and reliable, making these platen presses the standard for manufacturing plywood, MDF, OSB, and cured rubber products.

steam platens are American-made from American parts and globally recognized for their excellent temperature control and heat uniformity. Our steam platens consist of precisely engineered plates that can accommodate any number of edge holes, and can be used in presses with multiple daylights.

Venango is known for large, long-life platens that feature:

  • Low-cost, uniform, and easily controlled steam heat
  • An expertly engineered design fit for heating up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Insulation with durable materials
  • Individual steam traps for each platen to provide heating accuracy and temperature uniformity

Our steam-heated platen presses provide cost-effective heating and deliver accurate temperatures across the platen when molding, pressing, or bonding materials.

Venango Can Refurbish or Replace Platens

Steam platens used in the wood manufacturing and rubber industries withstand significant wear and tear. Working in presses with anywhere from 10 – 50 platens (or 2-3 for rubber), these heated plates run the risk of being bent, nicked, or gouged over time due to wear or accidents. While manufacturers may have the impulse to replace platens outright, it is worth considering whether a repair of their existing platen is a better option. So, do you refurbish or replace your platens?

Refurbished Steam Platens:

Refurbishment is an excellent option for newer platens, or those in good condition but with certain types of imperfections. Venango’s engineers are equipped to refurbish steam platens, upgrading hanger and guide systems to accommodate additional press openings, and restore flat and parallel specifications to platens suffering from wear and tear. The cost of refurbishing steam platens may be less than replacement. Still, manufacturers should consider the cost of shipping, the repair itself, and the cost of being down a platen during production while repairs are made to the damaged platen.

Replace Steam Platens:

Platens over a decade old are ripe for replacement. Once a steam platen plate has already been repaired, refurbished, or starts micro fracturing, the time has come to invest in a new machine. Venango can engineer and replace platens to fit seamlessly into existing presses, and modify designs to accommodate the requirements thereof.

With an investment in new steam platen plates, Venango can help operators regain their competitive edge while producing excellent pressed materials, keeping customers happy, and minimizing lead times.

Expert Steam Platen Manufacturer – Venango Machine

As an experienced steam platen manufacturer, Venango is a trusted partner for manufacturing and refurbishing in the platen press industry. We carefully advise clients about each step of our platen manufacturing process to ensure that every steam platen is designed or refurbished appropriately.

Our experts are able to repair or replace steam platens for any industry, and we happily accommodate steam platen designs for a broad spectrum of uses. From conceptual planning to final platen construction, we will tailor the best steam platen plates for your unique requirements. For more information about steam platens for wood, rubber, or other manufacturing, contact Venango today.

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