Venango Machine Company: The Top Platen Manufacturer in PA

wecreate / August 31, 2022
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Venango is the World’s Largest and Oldest Exclusive Platen Manufacturer Based in PA

For over 70 years Venango Machine Company has developed a well-earned reputation as the world’s best-heated platen manufacturing specialist. With a 35,000-square-foot facility in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania, and a team of elite engineers and technicians, Venango has an enormous capacity to handle contract platen manufacturing jobs for a range of industries. With a specialty in developing numerous types of electrically heated platens as well as steam and fluid platens, there is no custom platen manufacturing job that Venango cannot take on. If your facility needs a high-quality custom platen, we recommend contacting Venango directly to begin discussing your unique needs so they can provide a quote.

Electrically Heated Platens and Control Panels Manufactured in PA

As the world’s oldest exclusive platen manufacturer, Venango has developed a specialization in the field of electrically heated platens. Their contract manufacturing platen work includes multizone platens, heat tube platens, electric platen types made in Pennsylvania, and more. These can be developed with either single zone or multizone control panels. Offering an alternative method that allows for faster heating and recovery as well as higher temperatures, Venango’s platens provide compression molders with a solution that is more efficient than competing products.

The World’s Best Steam and Fluid Platen Manufacturer

Using their nearly 70 years of business experience and a team of expert engineers, Venango has become the world leader in steam and fluid platen manufacturing. They can create custom steam and fluid hydraulic platen presses serving a variety of industrial needs. Some of their industries served include rubber molding, bonding, vulcanization, and industrial laminates. The design of these platens allows for cost-effective heating that ensures a uniform temperature is delivered across platen plates during the molding, pressing, and curing of materials. The goal of Venango is not just to manufacture the best possible platens, but to also ensure that their products help your company ensure the quality of your own work on a continued basis.

Leading Advances in American Platen Contract Manufacturing

Over their decades-long history of developing platens, Venango’s work has led to significant innovations in the laminating, rubber, composite, particleboard, and plywood industries. Using their expert knowledge, advanced machining capabilities, and quality assurance program, Venango’s consistency in delivering customized platen products manufactured in Pennsylvania is unmatched. Venango’s involvement in innovating platen production has come from having to meet challenging customer demands for custom platens, and their contract manufacturing customers will continue to drive their innovative work for years to come.

Custom Platen Manufacturing for Aerospace and Rubber Applications

Companies in the aerospace manufacturing industry require highly functional and durable custom electrically heated platens that include control panels, and Venango’s team specializes in developing these solutions. These platens are frequently used during the production of composite materials used in aerospace applications, so Venango knows they must work precisely as intended. Another group of companies Venango serves with contract platen manufacturing solutions is those in the rubber industry. For rubber manufacturing applications Venango designs and engineers compression molding platens, heated platens, and hydraulic press platens that are built to their customer’s exact specifications.

Testing and Services to Ensure Platen Quality

While Venango’s design and engineering teams are incredibly skilled at their platen manufacturing work, testing the finished product to ensure consistent quality remains a vital step. At Venango’s 35,000-square-foot headquarters, they maintain state-of-the-art testing equipment that includes a hydrostatic testing facility. This equipment allows Venango to conduct flow and pressure testing to ensure that their custom platens will remain durable and operate as intended. This testing along with the rest of their thorough quality assurance program can add to your level of comfort in selecting Venango for your company’s contract platen manufacturing needs in Pennsylvania.

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