Venango Specializes in Platen Refurbishing and Repair

wecreate / April 17, 2023
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Venango Specializes in Platen Refurbishing and Repair Work for Electric, Steam, and Fluid Platens

Venango can perform the specialized repair or refurbishing work you need to return your electric, steam, or fluid press platens to operational excellency. We manufacture custom platens that are designed to work perfectly and consistently in their intended press environment and this expertise also makes us the ideal team to contract for platen refurbishing and repair work. As you read further and explore our website, you will be able to learn about the many industries we serve and how we can help return your press platens to reliable working order.

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Fixing and Improving Single Zone, Multi Zone, and Heat Tube Electric Platens

We know that you need your electric platens to heat uniformly and remain parallel and our team can perform the repair or refurbishment work needed to ensure they will do so. Whether your electric press platens have been damaged due to an accident or are experiencing diminished heating uniformity and flatness caused by regular wear, we can refurbish or repair them. Due to our decades of experience manufacturing custom single zone, multi zone, and heat tube electric platens, we will be able to restore or fix your platens with a custom solution, regardless of the style your press is designed to utilize.

We Are the World Leader in Steam and Fluid Platen Manufacturing and Can Extend Platen Lifespans

As custom steam and fluid platen manufacturers recognized the world over, we are also well versed in completing platen refurbishing and repair work. Your hydraulic press platens may be struggling due to issues related to a pressing accident or nicks, bends, or other problems that regular use can lead to. We know how to repair and refurbish your steam and fluid press platens to extend their operational lifespan and save you time and money compared to what a full-scale replacement would require. We can work with steam and fluid press platens that are used in bonding, vulcanization, decorative laminate manufacturing, and much more. The breadth of pressed products we have helped other customers return to manufacturing consistently extends even beyond these goods. We welcome the chance to help you return to the level of operational excellence your customers have come to expect.

Refurbishing and Repairing Platens used to Make Composites, Molds, Rubber Products, and More

Our experience has led the team at Venango to understand what is needed to serve a wide range of industries that use presses to manufacture their products. Our specialties include working with businesses that manufacture composites, rubber products, molds, and laminates. When we repair or refurbish electric, steam, or fluid press platens, our work will result in platens that heat uniformly and provide the precise flatness and parallelism your work requires. Whether you are molding, pressing, or curing materials, our repair or refurbishment efforts will ensure a return to consistency in the products or components you produce.

Contract Venango to Perform Your Platen Repair and Refurbishing Work at Our Wattsburg, PA Facility

When you contract Venango for your platen refurbishing and repair work, you can take comfort knowing we have the team, equipment, and required capacity at our 35,000 square foot facility to get the job done promptly and correctly. We have been in business for over 70 years and our team boasts extensive combined experience both manufacturing press platens and keeping them working as intended. From our pick up and moving trucks to our Blanchard grinders, 6-axis gundrill machining center, and CNC horizontal boring machines, we have the state-of-the-art equipment needed to fix or refurbish your press platens. Our facility is conveniently located in Wattsburg, PA near multiple major thoroughfares which will make it easy to get your equipment to us and back after our work is complete.

Request a quote or contact us to schedule a time to discuss your platen repair or refurbishment needs soon. We look forward to hearing from you and completing the work so you can get back to producing the quality pressed products your customers have come to expect from your business.

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