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Large metal horizontal surface grinding services in Erie, Pa

Venango Machine Company is located near Erie, PA and is a leader in platen manufacturing and design. Our manufacturing organization has over 50 years experience in surface grinding. Our surface grinding operating window is as follows: 

  • 40" width 
  • 120" length 
  • 18" height 

    All value-add services like surface grinding come with the Venango quality and quick turnaround promise/execution. Come to Venango Machine Company for all your surface grinding needs!!
    Our new Supertec horizontal surface grinder (shown below) provides precision flatness and parallelism as well as a smooth finish. Venango’s surface grinder accommodates parts as large as 80 inches in width, 118 inches length and 18 inches in height.

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Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding

Surface grinding provides a fine, precision surface finish while maintaining superior flatness to close tolerances.