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A Manufacturer of Electric Platens

Whether cartridge or strip, single or MultiZone, Venango Machine Company's electric platens offer the compression molder an alternative heating method—allowing faster heat up and recovery times versus traditional heating methods. Most importantly, each and every electric platen we manufacture is custom-designed by our skilled team of engineers to meet your specific needs.

Type SE Platen               

Type EWC Platen

Type CE Platen

platen  Platen platen
  • Electrically heated platen
  • Heat source strip type heating elements
  • Normally used in lower temperature applications
  • Fairly easy heater removal in case of burnout
  • Recommended for non-vacuum application
  • Electrically heated and water-cooled platen
  • Heat source strip or cartridge heating elements
  • Recommended for both vacuum and non-vacuum applications
  • Electrically heated platen
  • Heat source—round cartridge heaters
  • Normally used in higher temperature applications
  • Recommended for vacuum application
  • Ask about our split electric design