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 Laminating & Board Press Platen Manufacturer | MS and PP Type Platens

Venango Machine Company produces platens that are specifically designed for the laminating and board industries. Although there are many basic platen designs, our talented engineers treat each and every project as if it's truly one-of-a-kind. From concept through final platen design, we will tailor a specific design to meet your exact requirements in every detail. 

Typical designs associated with the laminating & board industries include: 

Type MS (Steam, Oil & Water Platens) Type PP (Steam, Oil & Water Platens)
Steam, Oil & Water Platens Steam, Oil & Water Platens
  • Steam, hot water or hot oil heated
    and/or water or oil cooled
  • Most versatile vapor or liquid platen-holds
    up well when extreme heating and cooling
    cycles are experienced
  • Normally allows greater flexibility where
    large numbers of edge holes are required
  • Steam or hot water



Steam Platens

Steam Platens

Large Steam platens for the wood (Plywood) industry.